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The Center for Pharmaceutical Development (CPD) addresses current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of developing solutions towards more selective and robust manufacturing processes, more stable formulations, and better characterized and consistent products. Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University focuses on the development of efficient, environmentally benign routes to small-molecule pharmaceuticals or their intermediates and on the prediction of the propensity of proteins to aggregate, unfold, or dissociate.

Research at the University of Kentucky, University of Kansas and at Duquesne University is focused on developing new techniques and methods for improving the formulation, characterization, and stabilization of small and large molecule pharmaceutical dosage forms. The Center will provide a mechanism for collaborative projects between scientists from government, academia, and industry to develop innovative methods to more selective and robust processes with less environmental footprint and to improve the safety of the nation’s drug supply. The Center will encourage active participation of federal agencies such as the NSF,NIH, CDC, and FDA.